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Discover money-making ideas easily

Use trend-spotting to boost your growth with concrete and innovative ideas.

Identify trends before your competitors

Find your next potential market through ongoing trend monitoring.


Nurture a culture of innovation

Involve your colleagues in the process of continuously improving your practices and business offers.

Improve your organisation’s ability to respond to change

Identify the most important trends and adapt your processes, offers and organisation / management styles accordingly.

An experience that will positively change the future of your business

Use trendstorming to :

Instil a culture of innovation

Thanks to its simplicity, get your colleagues involved in innovation.

Develop a ‘working together’ ethos

Use trends to involve your employees in the future of their company.

Facilitate Brainstorming sessions

Come up with quality ideas quickly, which are  adapted to your particular economic environment.



Encourage working groups

Whatever topic you may be reflecting on,Trendstorming will help you achieve quick results.

Work on potential scenarios

Develop realistic scenarios using our new model of trend classification.

Train for agility and change

With our fun approach, Trendstorming is the first step towards implementing change and innovation.

Trendstorming Training

1 day of training to join our community of trendstormers
Learn the method, the Trendstorming folder and 3 decks of trend cards to use with your clients or your company


3 versions of Trendstorming

The Trendemic team will happily host your workshops.
You can also opt to attend a training session which will allow you to deliver the training independently within your own company.

Startup kit

Tools to help you to begin to develop your “trend ability” and to open up areas for exploration. This version has 50 trendcards with detailed explanatory notes and a set of exercises adapted to your particular business context.  

« Sector » customised experience

If you wish to focus on a specific sector (Consulting, energy, agriculture, industry,…) we will design a game adapted to your specific needs, in order to help you foresee disruptions and make necessary adaptations quickly.  


« Trade » customised experience

If you want your colleagues or employees to think about the future of their job (Sales, HR, Marketing, Product Manager,…) we will design a specific method to help them to identify possible future challenge and the training needed to overcome them.


The Startup Kit includes :

Trend cards

Your first deck of trend cards is made up of 50 cards divided into 5 distinct “families”.

Trendstorming folder

The folder includes a set of exercises you can use, within your own company or across several, to help you develop your response to change, forecast potential problems, implement change etc.

Detailed trend cards

The folder also includes trend cards that explain different characteristics, case histories, relevant keywords and examples of how to use trends in your work.

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